– A quick note about future updates –

So, I’m actually not a fan of one page a week updates. My original plan was to post pages here in little batches once or twice a month. I work on pages in batches anyway and I prefer post more than one page at a time. However, one page a week is seemingly the agreed upon standard so I thought I’d at least try. Well, I gave it a try and I still don’t like it, haha.

So I’m going to go back to my original plan of posting more pages less often. First and foremost this comic is me figuring stuff out as I go and learning by doing, so I don’t really mind if the more infrequent updates make it less relevant online. My priorities are to make something I like, enjoy doing it and learn and improve as I go.

On that note I might also take this chance to go back and edit some of the already posted pages. Nothing major, just catching art details I messed up or forgot entirely and maybe fix some of the writing.

So anyway, there wont be any new pages for a couple of weeks but when there is it’ll be a multiple page update.

Thanks for your patience, I’m honestly thrilled anyone has taken an interest in this daft pet project of mine.